IT Consultancy & Seminar

Provide integrated IT consultancy services

We provide IT consultancy services for governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, IT organizations and privately owned centres and schools. We provide Strategic Planning and Management consultancy services as well as outsourcing and recruitment solutions. If you have any request or questions regarding any of our Strategic Planning services, please write to us and we would be delighted to explain in detail our terms of business in this regard.

Organize educational conferences, workshop, seminars and events

Conferences, workshop and IT seminars and events are fantastic opportunities to share latest technology developments in the professional and educational field. Workshop and seminar are also great opportunities to network and transfer knowledge; an added value that we at TechNews365.Net Consultants place massive emphasis on. That’s why we team up with well-known and well established conference providers to offer conferences in technological specialists. One of our regional partners ( is one of the specialized conference providers which offer a number of well-established technological events. We also are in close contact with a number of organizations that offer and organize similar conferences which enable us to offer and organize world class conferences.