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TechNews365.Net is a creative & Leading Information Technology Firm which provides cost effective automation solution for individuals, medium and small business and large corporations. TechNews365.Net Solution committed you to serve client friendly Web Development, Software Development, IT Consultancy, Domain Hosting and other develop innovative technological projects with a dedicated skill persons. They are working with the new technologies and new IT trends. We are working for renovate the beautiful World with the digital automation in every sector.

Why TechNews365.net ?

Technology is very important in our daily lives because it makes work and our daily activities easier. Through technology, people can travel to distance places, communicate from overseas, explore space and get all the information they require. A good example of technology is the computer that can be applied in teaching, research and almost all field you can think of. So, our solutions are balanced blend of technology, knowledge and value addition to user experience.


TechNews365.Net Technology Team helps businesses assess and manage the risks of relocating or reconfiguring mission critical equipment. We are your IT staff’s logistics partner, from exhaustive planning, to project management, through completed execution. With Technology Team as your partner, you’ll approach technology relocation with comprehensive strategies and detailed schedules in place to organize and coordinate every aspect of your move. Our proprietary system and technical-expert partners virtually eliminate any disruption to your productivity.


  • Consultancy & IT Seminar
  • Develop Innovative Technological School Projects
  • Network Solution
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Domain Hosting & Registration

We are pleased to be representing vendors who share our focus and commitment to customer service. Our focus is to build long term relationships with our customers, not simply a quick sale! We’ll gladly take the time to learn about your application requirements in detail so that we can supply products that satisfy your performance requirements while meeting the ever challenging goal of being cost effective.